Survey Software

CASES software for computer-assisted data collection consists of two different versions: CASES 5, which is a graphical version for Windows and CASES 4, a character-based version for DOS or UNIX.  CASES 5 was built on CASES 4, so they have many features in common.  But each version has its own computing environment requirements. CASES 5 is also capable of administering surveys over the Web with the Web QA add-on component.

Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA) software is designed to make it easy for organizations to provide Web-based access to both the data and documentation produced by survey research.

CASES and SDA software work in conjunction with each other.  SDA utilities facilitate the conversion of CASES data and instruments into the formats required for SDA-based codebooks, browsing, and analysis.  SDA also makes it simple to generate data definitions for other data analysis packages (e.g. SPSS, SAS, or Stata).

SDA is also used independently of CASES.  Thus you can collect data on other systems but use SDA for the documentation and analysis phase.   See the SDA page for further information. 

CSM continues to develop new versions of its software, in addition to supporting users of existing versions.  These developmental activities are designed to take advantage of new technologies as well as responding to requests from Association members.  See Future Projects for a description of CSM's latest ventures in software development.

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