CASES Web-based Questionnaire Administrator

Using HTML (Web QA)

Web QA is now available for download!

Web QA extends the capabilities of traditional QA with the ability to administer Version 5 CASES instruments as web surveys over the Internet through a browser interface.

Until now, the core CASES Questionnaire Administrator (QA) could only be executed for data collection in the Windows Java QA client application. With the introduction of the Web QA HTML add-on to CASES 5, QA can now deliver the screen display to, and accept input from any computer under any operating system capable of running a Web browser that connects to the Internet.

This process uses the traditional CASES 5 core QA to initiate form processing and validate incoming survey data. Screen information normally passed to an interviewer workstation running the Java client, instead is passed to the HTML client running under Tomcat for conversion to HTML. These forms are then sent to the requesting web browser and input from the respondent (or interviewer) is submitted and passed back to QA for processing in the traditional manner.

As an extension of the CASES 5 software, all aspects of a study intended for web deployment, other than the mode of data collection, remain the same as any other CASES 5 study. Furthermore, nearly all the features available in CASES 5 function in Web QA as well. The CASES Control Panel is still the primary interface to manage the study.

With this architecture, data can be collected for a single CASES study simultaneously using traditional CASES CATI/CAPI procedures (the Windows client), and via the Web. In other words, a single survey instrument can be authored in CASES 5 for execution in both a CATI call center and over the Web. Authoring tools are introduced in the release of CASES 5.4 to facilitate mode-specific execution of instrument content.

To execute a demonstration web survey administered by Web QA, click on a survey title below.

  PACES 2008 Pre-Election Survey   (Excerpted with permission)

  Canadians and their Pasts   (Used with permission from the Institute for Social Research, York University)

  Year 2000 Work & Health Survey   (Login requirement enabled for demonstration)

Recommended configuration for multi-mode execution:
CASES Web QA configuration diagram

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