Instrumentation Overview:
QT Created Forms vs IDE Created Forms

Features of All-text Instruments with QT Created Forms

  1. Question text as well as software commands reside in an ASCII file. These character-based forms are automatically converted to graphical forms, which can then be edited if desired.
  2. Local commands and/or global parameters can be used to
    • automatically generate text boxes, option buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, and/or command buttons for data input
    • change foreground and background colors
    • change fonts, including different fonts for different languages in the same instrument

  3. Tools are available to create SDA and DDL files to analyze and document the data.
    Limitations: Form layout and design is limited with text-based authoring; limited color selections; slider controls for data input not available.

Features of Instruments Using IDE Created Forms
  1. Data can be entered using check boxes, list boxes, comboboxes, and sliders, as well as the controls mentioned for All-Text Instruments.
  2. Color selection
    • is unlimited in a simple palette format
    • can be seen as the form is being created
    • can be displayed conditionally

  3. Favorite forms can be copied and reused, with or without editing.
    Limitations: Tools for generating SDA and DDL files still under development.

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