Features only in CASES 5

    1. Instrument design
    2. Data collection
    3. Study management

1. Instrument design
  • Graphical forms can be created by the designer in the Instrument Development Environment (IDE) or automatically converted from text-based forms.
  • The editor included in the CASES control panel uses syntax highlighting in instrument files and provides a link to the graphical forms.
  • Any font defined on the PC can be used for displaying text.
  • A full color palate is available for background and foreground colors.
  • To assist in testing, partial instruments can be translated and run. Data for all variables can be entered "on the fly".
  • Temporary data space that is discarded at the end of case processing gives the designer greater flexibility.
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2. Data Collection
  • Data can be entered either with the keyboard or a mouse. Different types of controls are available for inputting data, such as option buttons and check boxes.
  • User defined toolbars make navigation and interviewer options easily accessible.
  • Data entry from paper forms can be re-entered and verified.
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3. Study Design
  • Uses a streamlined process for creating DDL files for use in SDA analysis or conversion to data definition files for SPSS, SAS, Stata or DDI.
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